The City of Salem is an aldermanic form of government consisting of a Mayor and six council members. The Salem City Council meets the first Tuesday of the month after the fourth day of the month, at 6:00 p.m. at McCook Central School DDN Room (Distance Learning Room), 200 E Essex Ave, Salem, SD. Use the main door by the gym, go west the - DDN room is west of the library. The meeting days starting in 2023 changed to Tuesday (first Tuesday after the 4th day of the month).  There is a public comment time at the beginning of every meeting for those who would like to address the council.

Mayor Glenda Blindert - Term Expires 2025
Council Members:
Ward I 
Ronald Mayrose- Term Expires 2025: Committee Assignments:  Law/Fire; Civil Defense and Street/Equipment.
Marc Harris - Term Expires 2024:  Committee Assignments: Law/Fire and Water/Sewer.
Ward II
Mitch Rayman - Term Expires 2025: Committee Assignments: Pool and Parks/Rec/Liquor.
Doug Mokros - Term Expires 2024: Committee Assignments: Street/Equjpment and Water/Sewer.
Ward III
Janet Karel - Term Expires 2025: Committee Assignments: Buildings/Burnsite and Pool
Dnyee Schierholz - Term Expires 2024: Committee Assignments: Buildings/Burnsite and Parks/Rec/Liquor
Please call Salem City Hall for information if you would like to contact a council member.